Welcome to Elite Mindset and Muscle

My name is Justin James Smith, I'm the founder, CEO or whatever people like to say. I'm not one for titles. I'm the same as everyone else.

UNLESS I'm being called Daddy or Dad by these two beauties. That's an area in my life where I excel more than most.

Like a lot of us, I grew up with little to no guidance and was handed down a ton of bad habits from the generations before me. This is what's known as a generational curse, and I'll be damned if that doesn't stop with me.

I started Elite Mindset and Muscle to just be a clothing brand but NOW, it's a fucking movement.

Our mission is to show guys like you and me how to break generational curses and change the trajectory of our people’s lives by rebuilding ourselves from the bottom up one day at a time. 

Now we use the clothing brand to spread our message locally and not just through social media.

I appreciate you spending your valuable time to see what we're doing over here.



Make sure you check out our Product of the Month.

After July, they won't be available again until December!

Every time you buy one of our shirts and wear it, you do your part in spreading the message out in public and that's exactly what we're trying to do!